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Gastronaut Blog / Stardate: January 29 / Fun With Buckwheat Crepes / Oddo’s Until 3:00

Yesterday we conducted tests involving Buckwheat Crepes. Empirical data suggests that the results were savory, delicious, and totally appropriate for a winter afternoon snack. Further studies are to continue today with a focus on stuffing them with yummy things. Pork … Continue reading

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Hot, Freshly Prepared Donuts Today / Oddo’s Until 3:00

That’s right, donuts are back, baby! Old Fashioned Donuts fried to order and dusted with an Indian spice mixture of sugar, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. You can get ’em straight up also with no spice dust if you’re easily frightened.

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Yeah, We’ll Be There . . . Oddo’s Until 3:00 / Try a slice of Grandma’s Coffee Cake

After some snow clearing and deicing the rocket is go for lunch. We have a throwback recipe today, Grandma’s Coffee Cake, circa 1950.

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Gastronaut Blog / Stardate: January 26 / Avery’s Soda

As the crew has traveled around Connecticut provisioning the rocket we have been fortunate in finding great suppliers. Keeping our business as local as possible means that we often get to meet the owners and the people behind the scenes … Continue reading

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Beat The Snow / Oddo’s Until 3:00 / Organic Tomato Soup, Locally Raised Beef Brisket

We strive to use local products on our menu as much as possible. Here you see our Grilled Cheese with Blue Moon Farm Slow Cooked Beef Brisket. The onions we are currently using are from Middletown, New York. The Avery sodas … Continue reading

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It’s 23°, Practically Tropical . . . Try A Banana Cupcake, or maybe the Grilled Cheese with Local Slow-Cooked Beef Brisket From Blue Moon Farm

The Banana Cupcake is awesome. The Beef Brisket is local. The Fried Chicken Wings are hot! Hot, local and awesome . . . maybe that should be our slogan.

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Gastronaut Blog / Stardate: January 24

This past weekend the crew conducted experiments involving beef brisket. To be more precise, locally raised beef brisket from Blue Moon Farm in Harwinton, Connecticut. We applied a dry rub of specially formulated rocket spices and then let it sit … Continue reading

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Gastronaut Blog / Stardate: January 22

We are continually searching for new foods to bring aboard the rocket in order to provide all of you with fun and delicious reasons to pay us a visit. Recent experiments with chicken wings yielded positive results and favorable comments … Continue reading

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It’s Cold As Hell . . . But We’re Going To Give It A Try / Oddo’s Until We Can’t Take It Anymore / Try The Organic Tomato Soup with Mom’s Macaroni & Cheese

We agree, it’s cold out there! Today will be a test of the rocket’s ability to handle such extreme conditions as well as a challenge regarding the number of layers of clothing required by a gastronaut to survive in such … Continue reading

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Heading Out Late Today . . . Oddo’s from 12:30 to 3:00 / Try The New Carrot Ginger Cupcake With Orange Cream Cheese Frosting!

Hey, if they can do it, we can do it! It’s just a little snow and cold. This is New England . . . tough it out and treat yourself for the effort with a Carrot Ginger Cupcake with Orange … Continue reading

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