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Report: CAFTA Food & Wine Tasting . . . c’était magnifique ! / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:30 Today

The CAFTA Food & Wine Tasting and Silent Auction was a smashing success for all. We had a blast and the rocket made a big splash . . . and not from a crash landing! If you were in attendance … Continue reading

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Deep Dish Pizza Today / Oddo Print Shop Until 3:00

Deep Dish Pizza with organic tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella and olive oil. Nothing more need be said . . . except maybe Chocolate Cupcakes with Grandma’s Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.

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Belgian Style Frites Are Back After A Brief Hiatus / UConn Torrington Until 2:00 Today

Frites are back ! They couldn’t stand the cold so they spent a few weeks in Boca. They met their old friends, the Beignets, who came back with them.

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Sunday’s Test Kitchen Report

REPORT / TEST KITCHEN, FEB. 6, 2011 SUBJECTS: Arancini, Galette Saucisse, Nashville Style Chicken Sandwich OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: Positive, gooey, savory, lip-tingling ARANCINI PROCESS: Risotto is made with arborio rice, butter, onion, white wine, chicken broth and parmigiano cheese.     … Continue reading

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Onion Ring Research Report / We’ll Be At Oddo Print Shop Until 3:00 (unless snow shortens our flight plan)

Applying scientific method, the crew did produce rings that did raise contentment levels in human test subjects. The thinly sliced, buttermilk-soaked rings that were dusted with flour and cayenne won out. Followed with a Coconut Cupcake, one subject seemed to … Continue reading

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Rocket Snowed In, Wednesday Not Looking Good, Crew Mutinous! We Need To Cook!

We’re snowed in today and a little frustrated about not being able to fire up the rocket and head out. You’re probably stuck at home, bored, and looking for some entertainment. So let the rocket distract you for a while … Continue reading

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Hot, Freshly Prepared Donuts Today / Oddo’s Until 3:00

That’s right, donuts are back, baby! Old Fashioned Donuts fried to order and dusted with an Indian spice mixture of sugar, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. You can get ’em straight up also with no spice dust if you’re easily frightened.

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