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Gastronaut Blog / Stardate: February 2 / Lunch Scuttled Today / New Winter Menu In The Works

This winter has sucked big time! At times it has felt like a gastronomic Apollo 13. Numerous launches have been scuttled due to harsh atmospheric conditions. Rocketeers admit to hesitation in braving the cold and venturing out for a visit. … Continue reading

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Gastronaut Blog / Stardate: January 26 / Avery’s Soda

As the crew has traveled around Connecticut provisioning the rocket we have been fortunate in finding great suppliers. Keeping our business as local as possible means that we often get to meet the owners and the people behind the scenes … Continue reading

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There’s no Litchfield Hills Farm-Fresh Market today . . . so we took the day off

The rocket crew has had only two days off in the past three weeks. So we’re playing hooky (sort of) by taking the day to re-supply on such essentials as Avery’s Soda.

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Supplier Spotlight – Avery’s Beverages

Sherman F. Avery began making soda in the red barn on Corbin Avenue in New Britain during the summer of 1904. To this day their sodas are still handcrafted using methods and recipes from generations ago including real cane sugar, … Continue reading

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