Beat The Snow / Oddo’s Until 3:00 / Organic Tomato Soup, Locally Raised Beef Brisket

We strive to use local products on our menu as much as possible. Here you see our Grilled Cheese with Blue Moon Farm Slow Cooked Beef Brisket. The onions we are currently using are from Middletown, New York. The Avery sodas are made in New Britain. Regional, or better yet, local food just tastes better and supports the local economy. Keep your dollars at work locally and visit the rocket or any of Torrington’s fine locally owned businesses today. Brazen Betties, Toy Jam, In Sheep’s Clothing, Remember When, The Bender Showroom, Oddo Print Shop . . . all have wonderful products and great customer service. And while you can’t eat them we assure you that if you could they would all be delicious and good for you!

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