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WikiLeaks just released this document . . . so we may as well share it with you.

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50° ! / Chocolate Cupcake with Grandma’s Vanilla Buttercream Frosting / Oddo’s Until 3:00

With temperatures approaching 50° Mission Control saw fit to inspect the rocket’s heat shield tiles. Buttercream can be unstable in such conditions and the delicious integrity of our payload cannot be compromised.     INSPECTION REPORT: Findings indicate tile integrity … Continue reading

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Gastronaut Blog / Stardate: February 2 / Lunch Scuttled Today / New Winter Menu In The Works

This winter has sucked big time! At times it has felt like a gastronomic Apollo 13. Numerous launches have been scuttled due to harsh atmospheric conditions. Rocketeers admit to hesitation in braving the cold and venturing out for a visit. … Continue reading

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Oddo’s Until 3:00 today . . . Try Our New Sliders Made With Naturally Raised Angus Beef

Check out the Food Truck Show on Blip TV. It’s fun and reveals the diversity and quality of food coming out of trucks these days.

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Photos taken from the rocket on this weekend’s voyage

Chef’s Log Stardate : Weekend of October 16, 2010 This weekend was an exciting one onboard the rocket. The Torrington Farmers Market, despite the wind, was another great venue for us. We served many smiling faces whose looks of satisfaction … Continue reading

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Life Inside The Rocket

A glimpse of life in the rocket . . .

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Transformation from Uncle Frank’s Pizza Truck to rocket . . .

The truck spent six months, or so, parked unused in Lowell, Massachusetts. Every surface has been cleaned, polished and brought into compliance with our rigorous standards. In fact, the rocket was deemed by the Torrington Area Health District to be … Continue reading

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A food truck adventure . . .

It took four months to the day to find this truck through craigslist sitting in a desolate lot in Lowell, Massachusetts. We had seen many trucks during this search and the wait was worth it. This one is in great shape, … Continue reading

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