A food truck adventure . . .

It took four months to the day to find this truck through craigslist sitting in a desolate lot in Lowell, Massachusetts. We had seen many trucks during this search and the wait was worth it. This one is in great shape, has all the kitchen equipment we could ask for, and has great personality.


The rocket kitchen is completely clad in stainless steel and well equipped. A full size fridge sits right behind the driver’s seat. Is that heaven or what? There’s a nicely seasoned flat top grill . . . burger heaven. No rocket is complete without one. Two deep fryers, roiling with peanut oil provide delectable frites and other fried treats so essential to rocketeers. A stone-lined pizza and bread oven, a gas range with oven, refrigerated sandwich station and full-size three bay sink round out the equipment array. On board systems include a built in Cummins Onan gasoline generator for missions untethered to an electrical source. A tank mounted under-carriage holds one hundred pounds of propane along with reserve tanks mounted on the back for particularly long voyages. The safety system is anchored by an exhaust hood with fire suppression capability. Dual air conditioners maintain proper atmospheric temperature. It gets hot in there! The rocket engine is an eight cylinder Chevy 350 with a four barrel carburetor . . . top speed of about sixty miles per hour with a payload of ten thousand pounds.


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