Photos taken from the rocket on this weekend’s voyage

Chef’s Log
Stardate : Weekend of October 16, 2010
This weekend was an exciting one onboard the rocket. The Torrington Farmers Market, despite the wind, was another great venue for us. We served many smiling faces whose looks of satisfaction between bites of Pork Confit Sandwiches and Green Chile Cheeseburgers make us so happy. Bud Wilkinson, who writes the “RIDE-CT: Along the Road” column for the Republican-American stopped by for a snack and a chat. His column appears in the paper Wednesday and Saturday.  We also learned that a small article about the rocket is in the current edition of Litchfield Magazine. During a return to base (Mom’s House), we strung some rope lights on the rocket. Sometimes a cloaking device, no doubt a remnant of the rocket’s previous life as a Cornwell Tool truck, activates unexpectedly. We hope the lights counteract this proclivity and serve as a beacon of deliciousness. We then landed on Main Street for an early evening mission. The Rocky Horror Show was being performed at the Warner and it proved to be an interesting evening for the rocket. So interesting that we decided to stay for the midnight performance as well. Photographic evidence was collected and can be seen below.

Photos taken from command module of the rocket.

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