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Mission Update / Rain Shortens Flight, Rocket at Oddo’s Until 1:30 / Click Here For Food For Thought

Mission Update: Orbiting until only 1:30 due to weather, but here’s some food for thought regarding the philosophical issues relating to the use of local ingredients whenever possible . . . Avocados, pineapples and mangos are all delicious, no doubt. … Continue reading

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Crisis Averted, Countdown Continues!

As the rocket sat on the launch pad at Mom’s, a crisis was averted late Tuesday afternoon as the rocket master alarm went off signaling a failure of the potable water system . . .

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Just keep cooking . . .

The crew continues to cook and cook and cook . . .  

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Crew training continues with further menu development.

Mission Status: The final phase of training before launch consists of day-long sessions of cooking in the rocket coordinated with the continuing search for local, quality conscious, reliable provisioners. Yesterday’s menu included frites, beignets, egg sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, … Continue reading

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Developing A Menu

While the rocket is at the sign shop getting new graphics applied, menu development continues here at mission control.

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The first day of actual cooking in the rocket . . .

The first day of training begins with a well executed green chile cheeseburger.

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Transformation from Uncle Frank’s Pizza Truck to rocket . . .

The truck spent six months, or so, parked unused in Lowell, Massachusetts. Every surface has been cleaned, polished and brought into compliance with our rigorous standards. In fact, the rocket was deemed by the Torrington Area Health District to be … Continue reading

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A food truck adventure . . .

It took four months to the day to find this truck through craigslist sitting in a desolate lot in Lowell, Massachusetts. We had seen many trucks during this search and the wait was worth it. This one is in great shape, … Continue reading

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