Report: CAFTA Food & Wine Tasting . . . c’était magnifique ! / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:30 Today

The CAFTA Food & Wine Tasting and Silent Auction was a smashing success for all. We had a blast and the rocket made a big splash . . . and not from a crash landing! If you were in attendance we’re sure you agree and if you didn’t make it, promise yourself not to miss the next fun event in downtown Torrington.

In fact, you should come on down today. Should you find yourself in Brazen Betties, Toy Jam, Remember When, In Sheep’s Clothing, Artwell, Nirvana, or The Warner Theatre, we guarantee you’ll have a little fun. Of course we recommend lunch at the rocket which enables your body to more efficiently absorb fun . . . it’s true.

Some pics from last night . . .

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