Lunch at Ship Street Market, Dinner on Thayer / Potato Soup Scented With Nutmeg, Red Beet Burger

The rocket itinerary is always local, never express.

Rocket Potato Soup is made with local Schartner Farms taters, onions slow cooked and softened in Vermont butter, Rhody Fresh whole milk, a bit of cayenne pepper, and then scented with freshly ground nutmeg. Vegetarian and gluten free.
The Red Beet Burger is composed of local Silverbrook Farm red beets that are roasted, thickly sliced and caramelized on the flat-top grill. A buttered and grilled Taunton Avenue Bakery bun, goat cheese, cracked black pepper and thinly sliced red onion complete this sweet, pungent, creamy, red root experience.

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