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Despite Shitty Weather, Rocket To Launch / Show Some Grit And Venture Out Today, We’ll Be At Oddo Print Shop Until 2:00

After a brief argument regarding an episode of The Sopranos, Mission Control has decided to send us out. We’ll be at Oddo Print Shop for as long as it takes . . . probably around 2:00 pm or so. Today’s … Continue reading

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All Systems Restored / Flight Status Is Go / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:30

All systems have been restored and we are cleared for liftoff. Engines and ovens are hot. Flight Status is GO.

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Today’s Mission . . . Study The Effects Of Onion Rings Upon Human Levels Of Contentment

Mission Control has issued orders to experiment with Onion Rings today. String versus Thick Rings. Marinated in Buttermilk or not. Beer Batter versus a light cayenne infused dusting of flour. It is a difficult assignment, but worry not, we shall … Continue reading

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