Hope Artiste Village For Lunch / Chicken Sauce Piquant Aboard And We Didn’t Hold Back On The Heat



Chicken Sauce Piquant is a Creole dish which is essentially Spicy Fried Chicken that is taken a step further by being stewed in a sauce of onion, celery, green pepper, tomato, jalapeño, garlic and plenty of sweat inducing spices. We make ours with naturally-raised, boneless chicken and serve it over white rice. Seemingly harmless at first, the heat builds with each bite causing some concern as to whether you have perhaps gotten in over your head, but just then, it levels off at a stern simmer. Enjoy with your favorite Yacht Club soda, please.

Yesterday’s Tip War between Eric Northman and Eric Cartman ended in a dead heat, so today they face each other in a True Death playoff . . . the loser is permanently banned from future Tip Wars.
tip wars copy

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