Ship St. Market Today, Try One of Pat’s Magic Brownies / Overheard at Summer Solstice Celebration . . .

As the rocket was parked at the Kennedy Plaza Summer Solstice Celebration this past Saturday evening, we overheard this statement made by a passerby to her companion. “Great, all Providence needs is more Roach Coaches.” This was uttered with disgust as they passed by the long line of astonishing food trucks parked along Washington. The crew is sometimes taken aback by how brilliantly and concisely people can express their ignorance and lack of sophistication. We fantasize about force feeding this dolt one of Mijo’s Foie Gras topped tacos. That’s all we got to say about that.

Docking at Ship Street Market with Pat’s Magic Brownies aboard. They’re magic because they disappear so fast.

Local farms onboard for lunch: Schartner Farms potatoes, Freedom Food Farm salad greens, and Little Rhody Eggs.

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