Downtown Today On Walnut Street 11:30 to 2:00 / Green Chile Cheeseburgers, Mac and Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Chocolate Pudding

We are serving lunch on Walnut Street in downtown Providence today. Walnut is a dead end, privately owned alley just off Washington Street, across from the Providence Public Library. It’s not that hard to find. Make the effort. It’s totally worth it!

This is the first week of service on Walnut Street. The rocket, along with a number of other great food trucks, will be serving lunch on an alternating schedule, to the office buildings of 38 Studios, Verizon and just about any earth-based life form that happens by.

Next up, on Tuesday, will be Mijos Tacos. Mijos offers LA Style Tacos and Burritos. LA Style depends upon the integrity of the taco maker as they are not over-dressed with dollops of this and that and wilted greens. These beauties are made with from-scratch sauces, maniacally well prepared meats and dressed seductively with radish and lime. A beach chair and cervezas are perfect accompaniments. Set up right in the alley or, if so inclined, bring the beach chair to work. Your lunch will be just that much more pleasurable.

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