National Goof Off Day! Do It At The Rocket / Kennedy Plaza For Lunch, Dinner On Thayer / Grilled Cheese with Roasted Eggplant, From Scratch Chocolate Pudding

National Goof Off Day
Surely, world leaders goof off occasionally. How else would they remain sane? So, if Obama, Merkel, Sarkozy, et al. can goof off, so can you. It’s easy. First make your way to the rocket. Indulge in a fabulous, from scratch, meal. Take a brief nap. Then do whatever you damn well please with the remainder of the day. Particularly enthusiastic goof-offs can stretch this to a two day event.

Tomorrow, the rocket begins serving lunch on Walnut Street in downtown Providence. Walnut is a dead end, privately owned alley just off Washington Street, across from the Providence Public Library. We have been invited, along with a number of other great food trucks on an alternating schedule, to offer lunch to the office buildings of 38 Studios and Verizon. The rocket will be there on Fridays. What a way to get a jump on your weekend!

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