Understanding The Green Chile Cheeseburger / Lunch and Dinner on Thayer Street

Roasted Green Chiles

Green Chile Cheeseburger

We make our own Green Chile Sauce on the rocket and we are quite proud of it. You may find that the intensity, in terms of spice, varies from batch to batch. This is due to the naturally occurring variances in the peppers themselves and the whims of the crew. Sometimes we like a nice slow burn, other times an incendiary approach is required. Our personal favorite is the slow burn version, just enough heat to warm your mouth without masking the flavor of the Niman Ranch angus beef that we use for all our burgers. We add a little extra cheddar cheese to the Green Chile so that it melds with the sauce, producing a luxurious mouth feel. A buttered and golden toasted Taunton Avenue Bakery bun aids in the conveyance of this burger to your taste buds. It envelops you with warmth which goes to a certain limit but never crosses over into discomfort. Much like an old friend.

A Yacht Club Birch Beer is the suggested soda accompaniment. It bathes your mouth in birchy refreshment readying you for the next bite.


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