New Burger Aboard, The Jupiter, It’s a Big One / Lunch and Dinner On Thayer Street

Louis-Camille Maillard

We’ve got a new burger aboard ship today, The Jupiter Burger. Double the size of our other burgers, this beauty is a beef lovers dream. Perfectly seared upon the flat-top, Louis-Camille Maillard would be poud of this one. He’s the chap who studied the reaction between amino acids and sugars resulting in the browning of meats and other foods. The Maillard Reaction is named after him. The effect of eating a Jupiter Burger is called the Satisfaction Reaction. Because of its size, this burger develops a nice crust which encases juicy, slightly pink beef. We top it with raw onion and mayo. Of course, it’s composed of Niman Ranch Angus Beef, the best beef money can buy and free of hormones and antibiotics.

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