Feeling a Little Preachy Today, So Listen Up / Kennedy Plaza For Lunch, Thayer For Dinner

Yes, this is a little disgusting, but it is also very informative. At the rocket, we consider it very important to educate as to where your food is coming from and the failings of the industrial food system. We recommend vigilance when it comes to what you eat.

Pink Slime is just one way in which industrial food producers get humans to eat garbage.
Imagine the glee in board rooms and accounting offices as companies discover that they can add up to 15% of cheap thinners to their food products. At least until somebody calls them on it. In December, many fast food chains claimed to stop using pink slime in their offerings after a modest public outcry. The lesson here, though, is that until public awareness shed light upon this disgusting practice, these companies were eager to add this shit to their meat. You are nothing more than a figure in an accounting ledger to these clowns and it’s about time that you woke up to that fact! There is no pride, no care, no craft, just profits. And yet, people queue up at these places, mostly because they are cheap and fast. Talk about ass-backwards! This is food people, this is how your body sustains itself. Being engaged in culinary pursuits, we can tell you that there there is NOTHING good in a whole meal that costs about two bucks.

To us, you are a smiling face peering into our kitchen through the rocket window. We take great care and pride in cooking for you. You have placed your trust in us and we will never let you down. Learn about some of the things we consider paramount at the Rocket Academy.

This approach leads to a slightly higher priced meal and sometimes you may have to wait a few moments. We cook everything to order because that is how you deliver a superior experience. We care deeply about every single order that makes its way out the window. Admittedly, this is not for everybody. Some poor souls get annoyed that they are waiting for freshly prepared food. Others make snide remarks about our prices. If you fit into either category, please keep walking toward the nearest fast food joint where there is, no doubt, a meal that has your name on it and has been ready since yesterday.

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