It’s Old Rock Day . . . Bring Us One And Get Free Deep Space Chocolate Pudding With A Purchase / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:30

Old Rock Day is one of the crew’s favorites. What could be cooler than going to the moon for an afternoon of rock collecting? So, collect a sample. Bring it to the rocket for carbon dating. Don’t fret, it takes but a moment. If your rock qualifies, you get a free Deep Space Chocolate Pudding with a purchase. Pudding for rocks . . . that’s almost as good as Avery’s Soda for fruitcake.

While on the subject of rocks, do you know the folk story of Stone Soup ?
A traveller arrives in a village, with nothing but a large pot. When he begs for food, each of the villagers says no. He then fills the pot with water, places it over a fire in the village square, and drops a large stone into it. When one of the villagers asks what going on, he says “I’m making stone soup.” He tastes it and says “Mmmmm, it’s almost done. It just needs a little salt.” The villager runs home for some salt, and it gets added to the soup. When another villager asks what’s happening, the traveller says “Our soup is almost ready. It just needs some carrots.” This villager hurries away and soon returns with some carrots. More and more villagers are attracted to the pot and the smell of the simmering soup, each willing to add something. Ultimately, a delicious and nourishing pot of soup is enjoyed by all.

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