Shop Downtown Torrington Today . . . It’s Worth The Trip / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:30 / Mac n’ Cheese, Tomato Soup

Definitely worth the trip !










Get in the holiday sprit and come to the rocket with a receipt for something you purchased downtown today and we’ll give you 10% off your meal. Check out Brazen Betties, Toy Jam, In Sheep’s Clothing, Remember When, Scents and Sensibility, Alchemy Wellness Studio, Illustra, It’s the Perfect Party, Candy Bouquet, Torrington Titans Store, Boutique Bella, Mirage Hair Studio, The Salvation Army Store, Libby’s Furniture, The Yankee Pedlar Inn . . . there’s more, just come down and look for them.
It’s not rocket science, it’s not even a moon shot, it’s easy and fun.

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