Black Sabbath and Bacon ! / Experiments Continue In Bacon Lab / Oddo Print Shop Until 3:00 Today / Grilled Nutella, Anyone ?

Yesterday, the crew performed crucial bacon research while cranking up some Black Sabbath. The rocket music library aboard ship is extensive, eclectic, and totally necessary in achieving flight. As it happens, today is Ozzy’s birthday.

Bacon was prepared and the laboratory opened.






Experiment #1:
Rocket Dog with cheddar cheese, caramelized onion and bacon.

Results: Failure
Comments: The components, while savory and glorious as soloists, melded into a singular flavor when thrown together which diminished their respective individual greatness.
Conclusion: This project to be scuttled.

Experiment #2:
Bacon and onion in a hot dog roll.

Results: Promising
Comments: The hot dog roll is perfectly suited to accommodate strips of bacon.
Easy to imagine as a “bacon rocket” as it flies toward your mouth.
Lightly sprinkled with diced raw onion, the pheromones given off by this made a few people stumble as they hazily approached the rocket.
Conclusion: Suggest refinements be done post haste.

Somehow we arrived here . . .

Experiment #3:
Grilled Nutella Sandwich

Results: Total F#>king Success !
Comments: EVERYTHING should be spread with nutella.
Conclusion: Deploy immediately.

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