Meet The Brains Behind Every Rocket Launch, Our Scientific Team / Butternut Squash Soup, Lentil Dal, Roasted Garlic Grilled Cheese / Oddo Until 3:00


Over the course of the immediately pending time period, you shall be introduced to the Gastronomic Aeronautical Space Agency Mission Control Scientific Team. One of the four has yet to agree to their exposure as a rocket scientist.

*Scientific theories and/or data gathered by Rocket Mission Control is in no way dependent upon any of the generally accepted scientific thought previously documented as having taken place.

File No. 0289340974567 – DR. PAUL

Dr. Paul, the father of Gastronomic Particle Collision Therapy, has made advances which will not be fully understood for generations. His Gastronomic Super Collider, which is over two miles in length, is currently under construction at Mission Control. This project has been moved up in priority by the Obama Administration. In addition to gastronomic particle colliding, Dr. Paul is the founder and Director of the Desultory Theatre Club.

The other scientists will be exposed as State Department, CIA, and GASA clearances become available.

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