New Avery’s Gross Soda Aboard Today, Zombie Brain Juice ! / Oddo Print Shop Until 3:00

We’re headed out today after two launch delays caused by weather and bickering among the Mission Control Scientific Team. We were able to deploy our land based shuttle vehicle, the Mise en Place, in a supply run to Avery’s Soda in New Britain. Despite a hold laden with freshly drained Zombie Brain Juice, we were able to return without detection by Imperial forces.
As we all know, Zombie Brain Juice is an essential supplement to the rocketeer diet, providing a gargantuan boost in electrical activity in the brain during stressful moments. The crew finds it particularly helpful during the bumpy rides of reentry.

Any reports of long lasting negative effects of Avery’s Zombie Brain Juice are pernicious lies. Avery’s juice is filtered three times in order to remove the V119 molecule responsible for the recent psychotic rampages of a few Italian tourists in Albuquerque who had, of course, in order to save a few lire, imbibed of black market juice.
Remember . . . Always Ask For Avery’s !

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