Bantam Lake Today 11:30 Until ? / Angus Beef and Chicken Tacos, Try them with our Dragon’s Blood Elixir Artisan Hot Sauces

These hot sauces are made right here in Connecticut in small batches with locally grown apples and habanero peppers.
In the medieval art/science of alchemy, dragon’s blood was a key but elusive ingredient in the miracle “elixir of life”. Today the spirit of this rare substance is to be found in Dragon’s Blood Elixir – a modern cure all. Like the patent medicines of the last age, it’s good for what ails you! Doug Crane, a chef from Woodstock, Connecticut, and the creator of these sauces believes in producing them in small numbered batches. This allows him to assure you that every batch has been tasted before it is bottled. It also allows for some slight variation due to the seasonal nature of some of the ingredients. Doug says, “These sauces are made to go with food; if you are looking for pain, eat a fresh habanero . . . that’ll do it.”
Doug’s commitment to excellence matches our own and we are proud to serve and sell his sauces aboard the rocket.

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