First Woman In Space 48 Years Ago Today . . . Have a Sputnik with a side of Mac ‘n Cheese / Oddo Print Shop Until 3:00

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space. She was selected out of more than four hundred applicants to pilot Vostok 6 on June 16, 1963, becoming both the first woman and the first civilian to fly in space. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, had to wait twenty years for her launch.

This brings to mind the subject of wait times at the rocket. The crew has worked diligently toward the goal of serving freshly prepared food as quickly as possible. In the past few weeks, radical changes have been made to the menu with the specific intent of quickening the pace of service. Portion size, preparation methods, and onboard procedures have all been scrutinized and tweaked in the need for speed. Some menu items, though loved by rocketeers, simply took too long to prepare and have been jettisoned. Don’t worry though, we are constantly on the lookout for yummy new things to tempt you with. They simply have to pass the test of prep time.
And don’t forget that the rocket is equipped with the latest telephonic technology. 860.689.5585 entered into any current device will put you into direct communication with us, even in deep space, and you can place your order for pickup.

That being said . . . our primary objective is to deliver a meal of extraordinary taste and freshness. Care must be taken with our ingredients as they are of the highest quality . . . selected because they match our desire to place a smile of satisfaction upon your face. Any wait that you experience at the rocket will be worth the investment.

Now, even with that pledge, there are still some people that begin to gripe after a few moments of waiting for, say, a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It makes no difference to them that a properly grilled sandwich takes six minutes to prepare. In order to achieve the perfect balance of buttery crunch and melted cheese goo factor, this is the requisite time allotment upon the hot iron of the grill top. No sandwich shall leave that surface prematurely ! Not for you, not for kings or queens, presidents, dentists, not even for the Pope. You shall wait until the moment of completion has arrived. If you are unable to do this please visit one of the chain restaurants nearby. They have sandwiches which, no doubt, have been waiting just for you. They are resting under heat lamps, prepared by staff properly trained in the latest re-heating techniques, and contain ingredients and chemicals specifically designed to guarantee the absolute lowest possible food costs and speed of service. Bon appétit !

Now, if that sounds just fine with you, you may also think that it is perfectly cool that the United States trailed the Soviets by twenty years in sending a woman into space. It is not cool. It is embarrassing. Demand more.

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