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“What’s a Slider ?”
This is a question often posed at the window of the rocket. It’s utterance produces a swell of sadness in our souls. That someone could exist without knowledge of Sliders seems a life unfulfilled. This is quickly overcome when you realize that you are about to introduce them to their first Slider. Here’s how it’s done . . .
A small ball of Angus Beef, free of hormones and antibiotics, is sprinkled with coarse salt and freshly cracked pepper. This is placed upon the hot iron of the flat-top grill. Sliced onions are piled on top and then smushed down and into the beef. Sizzling starts as the meat, enveloped in its oniony blanket, rests upon the grill. Another dusting of salt and cracked pepper further flavors the vapor being produced by this mound of deliciousness. The whole thing is flipped and now the onions are on the bottom, permeating the meat. Optional Vermont Cheddar may be added at this point. The bottom half of a soft potato roll is placed on top of the beef and onions. The top portion of the roll crowns the column. The vapor rises through the meat and into the roll. After a moment, with specific technique, all is lifted off the grill and quickly assembled into proper form. Any onions remaining on the grill are gathered and snugged into the little burger.

Life expectancy of a Slider is approximately ten seconds.
Measured in Spackler Units, the effect produced by eating a Slider typically reaches 2200 or higher !

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  1. You misspelled “schmushed.” Horrors. I hope your technique is correct. I know it is very close, if not spot on.

    Smush is a sound made by footwear.

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