Lime Rock Mission Yields Two New Menu Items . . . The Sputnik Burger and Rocket Brewed Iced Tea / Oddo Print Shop Until 3:00

The Sputnik Burger was developed specifically for capsule life. It is about twice the size of a Slider, but still a small, concentrated delivery system for properly seared natural Angus beef that has been sprinkled with coarse salt and freshly cracked pepper. A thick slice of ripe tomato takes its rightful place atop; and a soft, steamed potato roll lovingly encases the whole thing.





Iced Tea is the summer beverage of choice for space travelers. As you know, heat is a serious consequence of space flight and produces unquenchable thirsts. However, Rocket brewed Iced Tea combats this effect extremely well. A special brew of Pekoe teas cooled with ice harvested from Martian polar caps yields an elixir perfectly suited for its task . . . “Cool me the hell down ! !” Of course, it’s served in a cup made of corn which is completely compostable. Alright, alright . . . we exaggerate a little, but the cup really is made of corn and compostable.

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