It’s Damn Time For A Grilled Cheese ! Treat yourself to an add-on . . . how about nitrite-free bacon or ham, caramelized onion, maybe some dried cranberries ? / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:00

During idle moments aboard the rocket, the cockpit serves as a perfect vantage point from which to observe the goings on in Torrington. Our view is dominated by Toce Brothers Tires and its small army of hardworking men located just across the street. Specializing in LARGE trucks, all day long these gents manage the shoeing of innumerable vehicles. Using tools that seem to be those of Titans, huge tires are rolled, pushed, prodded, muscled and wrenched into proper place upon giant machines. It is quite impressive and they’ve been doing it since 1924.




Rocket tips for the next few days . . .
Today is High Five Friday at Brazen Betties. Give Julia a high five and get 15% off your purchase!
Remember When is having a sale . . . ‎40% off vintage hats. Just in time for Easter.
Sneak into Toy Jam for the guilty pleasure of feeling like a kid . . . a real troublemaker.
Reserve Monday night for The Original CrookieCookie Trilogy, Desultory Theatre Club’s movie presentation at Artwell from 6:00 to 8:00. FREE rocket chocolate chip cookies will be waiting for you.

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