Chili Experiments Yield Stunning Results / Oddo Print Shop Until 3:00

The Naturally-Raised Angus Beef Chili has been a big hit. It’s a spicy stew that just raises the heat enough to warrant concern, but then assures you that everything is alright. Rocketeers have been joyfully ordering it and conducting their own experiments. Frites have been dipped in chili, chili has been ladled upon burgers, and spooned into grilled cheese. It’s a very versatile concoction. And then we said, wait a minute, this may be very good on a . . .

The crew is currently searching for a dog.
Preliminary criteria demands the Chili Dog behave in certain ways. It must have a natural casing and possess an ability to deliver a juicy burst of beefiness beneath that cowl of pepper that means business. It must be made of antibiotic and hormone free beef and it cannot contain nitrites.
Now, this is all very exciting, but the Chili Dog cannot be served at our location at the Oddo Print Shop. You must be thinking why? Why no Chili Dogs at Oddo’s? This makes no sense. Well, it’s because my mom is downtown’s Hot Dog Lady. She has the hot dog cart at Oddo’s during the warmer months. She serves a Martin Rosol hot dog that is amazing. The hot pepper relish is astonishing, as is her sauerkraut. The hot dogs are nestled in a Martin’s Potato roll. We cannot compete . . . and besides, mom would probably slash our tires. So the rocket will only be serving Chili Dogs at events, and at locations other than Oddo’s. We’ll keep you apprised of our hot dog hunt. The Chili Dog pictured above is made with a Wolfe’s Neck hot dog.


The Grilled Peanut Butter and Chocolate Sandwich has also been a great hit.
And why not? Look at it . . . what a beauty.

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