It’s Our Day Off . . . So Research Continues In The Test Kitchen Back At Mission Control

Onion Ring research continued yesterday. A batch of thick cut rings with an extra crispy, tempura-like batter met with approval. A turmeric – ginger dipping sauce was also prepared and enjoyed an enthusiastic appraisal from tasters. The crew will not be completely satisfied, though, until residual oil levels in the rings can be minimized. While tasty, every batch seemed to retain more frying oil than we would like. More research is necessary.

Test are being conducted today with Arancini, deep fried balls of risotto filled with various types of stuffing. The Galette Saucisse is also seeing activity. That is the sausage wrapped within a buckwheat crepe. A new sandwich is also being toyed with . . . a small piece of boneless breast of chicken deep fried in the Nashville Style, topped with a bread and butter pickle, and snugly placed between the halves of a steamed slider roll . . . squishy, warm, crunchy, spicy, sweet and tangy all in one bite.


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