Leave work early and spend some time downtown . . . you may be surprised / Oddo’s until 2:00, maybe later

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas !

There’s still time to grab a rocket Gift Certificate or Dragon’s Blood Hot Sauce. If that doesn’t strike your fancy there’s Brazen Betties, Toy Jam, In Sheep’s Clothing, Guitar Traders, Nirvana, Remember When, and other stores packed with delightful gifts. Don’t forget that today rocket is offering 10% off your order when you present a recent receipt from any non-big box / chain store / restaurant in Torrington.

Saturn 5 Cheeseburger

Our tallest one . . . stacked high with organic romaine lettuce, a thick slice of ripe tomato, a smear of mayo and organic Heinz ketchup, all upon a Collinsville Baking Company roll.


Typical rocket patron

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