4 Days Left . . . Downtown Has It All / Oddo’s until 3:00







They were going to miss the rocket most of all. Good thing they wound up staying.

By popular demand, Asado Negro is back on the menu today as an add-on for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. This is a Christmas time specialty of Venezuela. As seen in the New York Times . . . “The meat is napped in blackness that comes not from fire or smoke but from the absorption of all colors into one, a color as deep as space itself. It is beef the color of a velvet dinner jacket seen across a dark lawn at midnight. It makes a mockery of pot roast.”

We all know some freak that can’t satisfy their longing for all things hot and spicy. The Dragon’s Blood sauces will quench this thirst. Try ’em at the rocket. They are also available for sale. We even have the dreaded Jolokia Sauce. Hot enough to give a pirate the sniffles. Perfect stocking stuffers.

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