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  1. Rebecca Hubbard says:

    Hello! We were looking to have you all cater our barn wedding this coming October 1, 2022. Your services were recommended after my brother Eric raved about your services at their sons graduation party. We’re hoping you’re available for our fun filled Day!
    Rebecca & Nathan

  2. Good evening!

    We are having a vender/craft fair on October 5, 2019 from 10-4. We are looking for a few food trucks to join us?

  3. Kimberly says:

    Hi, are you available on Sunday June 9th 4:00 for a private event ? About 60 -70 people. Thanks!

  4. Karen Turner says:

    Holding a color run on May 19th in Portsmouth. Any interest on being the only truck there?? We are expecting almost 130 runners. Race starts at 10:30 so everyone should be hungry when finisged!

  5. Eric says:

    Do you have availability on 5/18/19 for a Birthday party?

  6. Amy Chaves says:

    I’m assisting in holding a cornhole fundraiser for my brother-in-law who has been battling cancer & going through intense treatment. We are from Taunton, MA, & the event is being held at the PACC here at the outdoor pavilion. He is a well known member of the community & expect a tremendous turn out. The date is Sun 6/24 from 11-7. Would you be willing to participate & serve the food?

  7. Betty -Lou Goodwin says:

    Looking for information about hiring you for a birthday party in August

  8. Kimberely Casino says:

    We tried your burgers yesterday at the Winter Farmers Market in Pawtucket and they were phenomenal. I have never had a burger that was that awesome before. We finished our meals and wished we had ordered more. Hope to catch up with you again to try more of your menu.

    Kimberely and Annetta

  9. Jordan says:

    I got my first taste at the book fair this Saturday. Jedi Dog was amazing. Are you ever in the west warwick area for lunch? I work at a bank so I would be happy to send a company wide email announcing your arrival….

  10. Molly says:

    Hi!! Are you available 9/10 for late night snacks in Tiverton RI? How much would you charge for 12am to 1am for 80-90 people?

  11. Marg says:

    Howdy y’all… Can’t believe I haven’t gotten in front of your trucks order window! You’re on my bucket list!

    Take care,

  12. Alexander C. Rempis says:

    Hi Patricia. We met on Saturday at the farmers market. You admired my bracelet. I told you we are thinking about going to Puerto Rico next March. Can I buy you a cup of coffee sometime to pick your brain? Please let me know.


  13. Pete says:

    I hope to make it down to the plaza for lunch today, even if i have to fight my way out of work. Request: As the years haven’t been to good to my eyes-is it possible to increase the text size on your menus? Thanks

  14. Monique Ogara says:

    We enjoyed your wonderful food, made with love. Welcome to RI, we look forward to many more delicious meals.

    New food fans

  15. Gary says:

    Always the very best to you!!! Sorry we didn’t hook up for din din but when u come home to visit mom, your here!! And bring mom!!! Love always, gary

  16. ILoveWinchesterCenter says:

    Best of luck in Rhode Island! I guess you’re going to have to get the info updated on the truck, contact and calendar to say Providence! We will miss you guys though! Your food is awesome!

  17. Richard Meyer says:

    was wondering if you could send the picture of the two Torrington Fighters standing in front of their truck. Thankyou

  18. frank rourke says:

    hello from lowell, joe and patricia, hope things are well for both of ya”s and the truck is doing well also, hope to make it down some day please e-mail me when you get a chance i would love to hear from you .!!!!!!

  19. kelly says:

    The sweet potato soup was awesome!!!!!!!! Nice and thick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sweet potato cupcake was quite yummy!!!!!!!!!
    love the frittes!!!!!!!!!! Best fries yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you stay around

  20. Mike and Irma Haddock says:

    Best wishes on your business venture. Love the website and the truck design, definitely a touch of class. You definitely have the “Right Stuff” for a succesful business. We still remember Joe’s awesome waffles for breakfast in South Beach.
    Your Friends from Orlando, FL,
    Mike and Irma Haddock

  21. Verilee Herpich says:

    I came upon your beautiful truck at the Torrington Farmer’s Market – and had the very best cup of chili I’ve ever eaten – and I love chili! Thanks for being there, being here in Torrington, offering delicious well prepared local food!! Hooray for us! I’ll be back soon. Wishing you great success!

  22. Peter Kaufman says:

    Great food and a very nice chat. Great to have you in the neighborhood.
    Until next time: best of luck.

  23. Congratulations and best of success on your new venture !!

    The concept is awesome – a food truck serving cuisine rather than County Fair foods. Your website design is clever and inviting, like you are friends I didn’t know I had.

    By the looks of the truck, I hope you will be serving even in wintertime. That would certainly set you apart from other seasonal food carts. Nothing better than a bowl of homemade hot soup and crusty bread when the wind is whistling.

    Foodies and entrepreneurs unite!!

  24. Marilyn Alduini Plaskiewicz says:

    Congratulations – best of everything to all of you for this outstanding and unique ‘truck adventure’! Looking forward to this culinary experience very soon.
    All the best, Marilyn

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