Lunch In Ship Street Square, Downtown Farmers Market Then PVD Hoot Halloween Hootenanny At Anchor

sinatra with bagSing For Your Supper
An offer from the Rocket you may not be able to refuse tonight at Providence Hoot.
According to the Hoot’s website . . . “In a world where creativity and musical prowess lie somewhere in the depths of every person, a stage to perform is sometimes a rare sight. For when the inner troubadour yearns to unleash its poetic and instrumental talent, the elusive venue may be hard to find. Providence Hoot, a free open mic, is that stage, that venue, that canvas for the singer and musician who may or may not perform regularly. This is an event for all, from professional musicians to perpetual singers in the shower. This is for debuting new material and perfecting old classics. This is for playing originals and for covering anything under the sun. This, the Providence Hoot, is your stage.”
So, the first person to perform Fly Me To The Moon at our window gets a Rocket meal worth $10.00. It’s a hootenanny for chrissakes, don’t worry about embarrassing yourself! Here’s some guides . . .

Crooner Tip War . . .
tip wars copy

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