Lunch In Kennedy Plaza / We Are Go For Launch With New Griddle

1965_pontiac_tempest-pic-42189After much trial and tribulation, a new griddle is finally installed and raring to go. Our previous one suffered a catastrophic failure in it’s left burner. The damage was extensive and not repairable. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been cooking on about ten square inches of hot metal and hoping we wouldn’t lose the remaining burner . . . very Apollo 13. But now we’ve got three feet of griddle!
The feeling is akin to my father handing me the keys to my first car, a 1965 Pontiac Tempest that we “restored” together . . . white with red vinyl interior. We got it for $300. That’s for the car, the griddle was considerably more expensive.


Apologies to the Armory Farmers Market for bailing out at the last minute, but the window of griddle acquisition opened at precisely 3:15.


We’ll carry over yesterday’s Tip War seeing as we missed dinner service.
Edison took the lunch battle with 57%.
tip wars copy

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