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loading johnnyBack on the road after a long day of repairs made upon the rocket and it’s power generation capabilities. The crew began it’s journey in Woonsocket with Henry’s Auto repairing a leaf spring, a transmission fluid line and finishing up some frame welding that began last week. Once the team at Henry’s finished up, we headed to Chesire, Connecticut to the shop of our generator guru, Rich at Central Electric and Generator. The rocket has two Cummins Onan  7500 watt generators, Eugene and Johnny, who are used in a rotation. Each generator can go for about a thousand hours in flight before needing fairly extensive service which takes a couple of days. We simply swap generators and service is performed on the one left behind. This reduces down time. As many of you know, Eugene threw a shit fit last Friday at Cluck by blowing a head gasket and rocker arm. Through the weekend, we were renting a very small generator that ran only basic electrical needs. We are back with full power!
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