Lunch at Hope Artiste Village / Noni’s Cabbage Salad Aboard

Headed back to Hope Artiste Village after a short hiatus due to the the July 4th holiday and then the funeral of my grandmother, Noni. We’re excited to be back on our normal schedule. We’ve missed you, Villagers!

New side aboard today, Noni’s Cabbage Salad. Noni’s favorite preparation for fresh vegetables of any stripe was often a simple dressing of homemade wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Sometimes she would throw in a little fresh basil. We have some gorgeous organic green and red cabbage and basil picked fresh from the Rocket herb garden, so we’re gonna let the cabbage shine and dress it skimpily with just that . . . Noni style.

Today’s Tip War is not to be taken lightly and we hope no fights break out at the window. Civility, please!
tip wars

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