Lunch Kennedy Plaza, Dinner Armory Farmers Market And A Thank You . . .

The crew thanks all those who took a moment to console us yesterday. We really appreciate it. It is very comforting to fully realize that our patrons, friends and fellow food truckers are as special as we thought they were. Thank you! Now the time has come to meditate upon a life well lived rather than dwell in the darkness of parting sorrow.

Our heat shields have been upgraded and our water tanks filled. We shall meet this day of heat head on. We suggest you do the same. We all know that you fight fire with fire, so Jalapeño Relish should do the trick. You’ll find it on our Pearl All-Beef Hot Dogs, The Hot One or The Space Cowboy. You may also add it to any damn thing you want. You’ll break a pepper sweat immediately and the cooling effects of extra perspiration will engulf you. Or at least that’s what the medical staff is telling us.
solar flare out the window
astronaut heat testNotice that this astronaut gets to wear a protective suit for his heat tolerance test. Gastronauts are not given such extravagant accessories. Why? Because we don’t need no stinkin’ suits!

Today’s Tip War . . . spark up!
tip wars




Clear your calendar for Saturday . . .
pam food truck event poster

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