Neighborhood Health Plan for Lunch / Tip Wars: Star Wars vs. Star Trek / Chocolate Pudding Aboard

Star Wars vs. Star Trek . . .
tip wars

For the crew, Star Trek remains the superior science fiction tale. The first two Star Wars movies are fantastic, creating a classic good versus evil story line worthy of the highest praise, but the Ewoks heralded the decline of the Star Wars world and Jar Jar Binks sealed the deal. We would love to set our phasers on kill and smoke that long eared annoyance. Jar Jar is like a turd floating in your morning cereal. Be sure to express your opinion in today’s Tip Wars.

Aboard ship today: Asparagus Salad, Mini Baked Potatoes, Radicchio Slider, Beet Slider, Boar Sausage Slider, our array of Niman Ranch Angus Beef Sliders and Deep Space Chocolate Pudding.

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