Lunch at NHP / Klingon Chili and Picasso . . .

Klingon Chili on board today . . . no, not really. Klingon Chili is usually made with TKnag which has been butchered and then cured in a vessel buried in the ground for some months. In other words, disgusting to all but Klingons. Equally disgusting is the wars waged here upon our planet by idiots of every stripe. On April 26, 1937, German and Italian planes, at the request of Spanish Nationalist forces engaged in the Spanish Civil War, attacked the town of Guernica in Northern Spain. This was the first combat test of Germany’s powerful new air force–the Luftwaffe. For three hours, the planes poured down a continuous and unopposed rain of bombs and gunfire on the town and surrounding countryside. One-third of Guernica’s 5,000 inhabitants were killed or wounded, and fires engulfed the city and burned for days.
The indiscriminate killing of civilians at Guernica aroused world opinion and became a symbol of fascist brutality. By 1942, though, all major participants in World War II had adopted the bombing innovations developed by the Nazis at Guernica, and by the war’s end, millions of innocent civilians had perished under Allied and Axis air raids. Guernica is the painting by Pablo Picasso, inspired by the bombing. It is considered one of the most important paintings in history.




Food was a frequent subject for Picasso. Below is an indepth analysis of another Picasso painting, Still Life with Blood Sausage.

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