Lunch and Dinner on Thayer Street / Why We’re Called Rocket / Meatloaf Sliders, Polenta with Gorgonzola

Noni & Papa rocket
You might say it’s in our blood . . .
Here are photos (circa 1960) of my grandparents, Giuseppi and Adelia, otherwise known as Noni and Papa. The story goes that an eccentric neighborhood teenager was a model rocket enthusiast and aspired to build one large enough to carry my grandmother into orbit. Being slightly eccentric themselves, my grandparents never discouraged this effort. This was apparently a prototype. Noni never did make it into space, but there is no doubt that had the vehicle been presented, she would have eagerly climbed aboard.

These people and their home, where my sister and I spent a large portion of our childhoods, helped form a personal foundation based upon tradition, enthusiasm, humor, optimism and love. I’ll tell you all more about them and their lives over the course of time. Oh, yeah, Noni was an excellent Italian cook at whose apron I clutched and pleaded to be allowed to assist. She let me.

Today’s special is a Meatloaf Slider.
Meatloaf is made with Niman Ranch Angus Beef, Narragansett Creamery ricotta, and small cubes of mozzarella. A warm slice is set atop a toasted bun with organic greens and Rocket Sauce.
meatloaf slider

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