RI Blood Center, 11:30 to 2:00 / Why We Use ONLY Niman Ranch Beef

sputnik burgerThe rocket uses ONLY Niman Ranch Certified Angus Beef aboard ship. We do this because we are only interested in providing the absolute best quality to our customers. You place a trust in those that prepare your food. It will astonish you to learn that many food establishments betray that trust by seeking out the cheapest beef they can get their hands on. There is no thought regarding the consequences of purchasing and eating beef that was raised with no guiding principal other than creating the largest possible profit margin.
Niman Ranch Certified Angus Beef is raised using traditional, humane husbandry methods and given wholesome all-natural feeds. They are dedicated to the strictest protocols and the belief that all-natural, humane and sustainable methods produce the best possible flavor. It costs much more than beef raised upon industrial feedlots with the use of pharmaceuticals and feed that contains byproducts of every stripe, but it is the only way that gives proper respect to the customer and to the animal.
Here is a short presentation of the Niman Ranch way . . .

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