Downtown Farmers Market for Lunch, Dinner on Thayer / Chicken in Sauce Piquant, Red Beet Slider

Chicken in Sauce Piquant is a lusty, spicy thing from New Orleans.
Boneless chicken rubbed with creole spices and flour is fried with the trinity of Louisiana cooking . . . onion, celery and bell pepper. They are the choir in this chapel, in perfect harmony with the browned flour, cayenne, white pepper, and jalapeno. Tomatoes, chicken stock and Louisiana hot sauce form the pool in which this all luxuriates. Ladled upon white rice, it wants to seduce you and make you sweat.



The Red Beet Slider is also aboard today. Thickly sliced roasted red beet is spread with goat cheese flecked with candied ginger and topped with some red onion.

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