Lunch and Dinner on Thayer Street / Heavy Payload of Delicious Local Stuff Aboard

The rocket may be out of this world, but we’re really down to earth when it comes to sourcing locally produced or grown products. Today we have the Red Beet Slider which uses Silverbrook Farm red beets and Simmons Farm goat cheese with candied ginger. Virginia & Spanish Peanut Company Brown Bear Peanut Butter and Aquidneck Honey grace the Grilled Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich. The Mac ‘n Cheese and Deep Space Chocolate Pudding are made with Rhody Fresh whole milk and cream. Fairland Farms organic dried cranberries dot the Grilled Goat Cheese and Cranberry Sandwich. A number of Narragansett Creamery cheeses are used aboard ship. Yacht Club sodas, Seven Stars Bakery and Taunton Avenue Bakery round out the cast of local stars.

A debt of gratitude must be paid to Market Mobile. They provide a wonderful service which makes it so easy to use locally raised and produced products. How important is this effort? Check out the numbers.

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