Today’s Word Is Integrity / Lunch On Thayer Street

Pink Slime, the ammonium hydroxide-treated beef product, apparently added to 70% of the nation’s ground beef supply, hit The Daily Show Wednesday evening. The basic message was that even McDonald’s, by discontinuing its use in their hamburgers, found the beef filler to be too fake.


I have written about this before, but the topic of integrity is dear to the rocket’s heart. The message in this for us is that this behemoth corporation, seeking to pad its already obscene profits (McDonald’s posted a fourth-quarter profit of $1.38 billion in 2011), made the conscious decision to deceive its patrons by adding filler to its offerings. We didn’t see any television advertising depicting the joyous atmosphere of McDonald’s accounting department upon launch of this con game. There was not one commercial heralding the new efficiency achieved when scraps of meat, scooped up from the floor, and previously sold as pet food, could now be put in your burger! Aren’t you loving it?

McDonald’s was not the only offender here, pink slime was or is used by many fast food chains and grocery stores. It’s reportedly contained in 70% of the nation’s current ground beef supply. Your Mom may be unwrapping a package of it right now in the kitchen. If you are not discriminating in purchasing your ground beef, you are eating this shit. You are being played. Now, when I get played, I get pissed.

This is one of the motivating forces which propels our mission. The fundamental principle guiding the rocket is integrity. It is our gravity, always there, the building block of our whole philosophy. You will never be served anything that isn’t exactly what we say it is. You will never be served anything that isn’t accompanied by the pride we feel knowing that we are cooking from scratch and using ingredients of the highest quality, often produced locally. Ingredients which are pure and free of the crap currently being injected, sprayed, pumped, and otherwise mixed into the food chain.

So, get pissed and demand more of those from whom you purchase meals or anything else for that matter. Demand integrity!

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