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As for so many others, the past year has been a difficult one. Thankfully, the rocket provides us the tools with which to exercise our joy. Operating a business in the current economic climate can pose daily challenges made all the more difficult when fate deals some rotten cards. October brought the unexpected death of my father. Our beloved terrier, Wini, passed in November. The fluke snow storm of autumn was no joy ride. Taking the time, a long list of tribulations can no doubt be recorded. That time will not be taken here. Instead, we look to the future and the better days ahead, with the resolve garnered through experience and knowing that we are living full lives.

This little movie is a meditation upon those ridiculously happy moments in life that are so fleeting. That sunny day of bicycle riding was joyous. Patricia, Wini and myself, floating through the landscape like children through a July afternoon.

In my mind are many such moments . . . striding towards Grandma Maher’s door for Thanksgiving dinner, a light dusting of November snow under foot. I don’t know why, but that particular day and that particular dusting of snow, though many, many seasons ago, remain fixed in my memory along with the aroma encountered upon opening that door.

The last time I crawled into bed with my parents as a boy, I knew that it was the last time I would be there, draped in my father’s protective embrace. The warmth of the covers, the smell of his hair . . . with me to this day.

I guess I am particularly acute in recognizing the small gifts that life presents along with it’s travails. So, I remind you to look for them and hold them dear. We go around but once, get your money’s worth . . . and eat well along the way. Take the time to breathe of life deeply. It will sustain you for the rest of your days.

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