Looking For Something To Do On New Year’s Eve ? / Head Over To Middletown For Middnight On Main And Food Truck Heaven / The Rocket Will Be There 3:00 Until ? / Oddo Print Shop Today Until 2:00


Middletown has organized a first-rate First Night event featuring more than one hundred performances and activities at more than twelve locations within four blocks of downtown including Food Truck Heaven at the Green Street Arts Center. The rocket will join some of the state’s best food trucks in the parking lot. Inside, throughout the afternoon, there will be cooking demonstrations, including one given by Patricia. She will be showing you how to make our Deep Space Chocolate Pudding from scratch.

Then, at 7:00 pm, the Arts Center hosts musical performances throughout the night by the bands Breakthrough Frequencies, Swish & Flick, and Weatherstar. There are tons of things happening all over downtown including other music performances, Japanese Taiko drumming, film screenings, comedy, contra dance, zydeco, poetry, ice sculpture, roller skating . . . basically a shit-load of very cool stuff. Here’s a complete guide to the evening.

They have even developed an App specifically for the event which provides a full listing of the evening’s events; a “MySchedule” function; push notifications; a GPS-enabled parking lot locator; an event map that provides a quick glance at button sales locations, venue locations, performance times, parking, bus stops, ATMs and more. Users will receive push notifications on the night of the event, 15 minutes prior to each performance or activity that is saved to MySchedule as a reminder that the event is starting. The live Twitter feed and a GPS-enabled walking guide will make it easy to navigate from venue to venue.

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