Chocolate Cookies Aboard Today / Words of A Food Truck Hater / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:30

Patricia’s Chocolate Star Cookies are back on board for the holidays. These are the cookies that received some acclaim in a Litchfield Magazine article last year. A cookie to be savored,  each nibble deepens the chocolate experience. They are a perfect balance of shortbread-like crunch and sweetness, enhanced by the slightest burst of salt. Brighten your day, share with someone you love or simply pass them out to strangers.

The article mentioned previously received a response in the next issue. In the Letters section of the magazine, a nitwit with the initials SM wrote this gem . . .

“Of all the great restaurants, delis, and shops in this great area, you have to waste space by writing about a food truck. A food truck!”

Isn’t that beautiful? How in so few words a person can reveal the depths of their ignorance, prejudice, and provincialism! Our hats off to you SM !

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