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During a recent fact finding mission, the crew had the opportunity to sample some grilled cheese sandwiches made by other food trucks in New England. The findings were dismal. Understand that the rocket loves food truck culture. Trucks across the country are working diligently toward changing popularly held notions regarding the concept of mobile food operations. Ridiculously tasty dishes, prepared by outrageously committed people, are the rewards of those now embracing this culture. Unfortunately, there still exist charlatans, riding a wave of popularity, doling out mediocre food composed of poor quality ingredients, all hiding behind clever marketing.

Case in point, a sandwich of slightly warmed bread bearing grill marks between which was found an unmelted slice of american cheese product.
We had a hard time imagining the mind of the person who handed us this shit.
The level of embarrassment they must feel is inconceivable.

The Rocket Gastronomic Field Manual points out the characteristics of a properly prepared Grilled Cheese. For maximum illustrative purposes it uses the Roasted Garlic version as it is the most potently satisfying incarnation of the art form . . .
The bread shall be of the highest quality available (we use Bantam Bread Organic French White).
The sandwich shall be grilled on a very hot iron surface liberally brushed with butter.
The cheese and roasted garlic shall be melted and gooey. Cheese must be real.
The resulting sandwich, with its golden crust laden with the aroma of butter and garlic, induces an ethereal state of well being.
This is what it should look like:

Roasted Garlic Grilled Cheese on Bantam Bread Organic French White

** Our Scientific Team is currently developing the Scratch and Sniff Interface so that soon you will be able to fully engage your olfactory system while enjoying the rocket’s digital transmissions.

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