Scientific Team Leader Dr. Rossi / Oddo Print Shop Until Only 1:30 Today / Deep Space Chocolate Pudding Aboard

File No. 0114619192085 – DR. ROSSI / SCIENTIFIC TEAM LEADER

Dr. Rossi, despite a career spotted with episodes of obsession with toys produced in Milan, Italy in November of 1937, is nonetheless brilliant in her capacity as Team Leader. With an IQ that cannot be measured with current testing means and an adherence to proven scientific methodology, she steers the outsized brains and egos of the Scientific Team in a relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Though recently banned from the National Zoo for quarreling with beavers, she maintains that her new and improved lodge designs are far superior to those of any semi-aquatic rodents alive today.

Dr. Rossi runs a front company out of a delightfully stocked emporium called Toy Jam in Torrington, Connecticut.

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